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How to get your kids to eat vegetables.


Do your kids ‘hate’ vegetables? Do you find yourself begging them to eat them or perhaps making deals and even bribing? Maybe you’ve even had a ‘Mommy Dearest’ moment of having them sit at the table long after everyone else is done.  We wanted to share a few tips to help.


1. Start a GaMother and daughter planting flowers together.rden: Having your kids take part in the process of planting and growing will give them a sense of pride in their creation. Let them help buy plants/seeds as well as plant and maintain. (our vegetables are 75% off now.)

2. Plan Menus: Have your kids plan a meal. Show them the food plate to ensure all food groups are met. Let them help you shop, pull from the garden and research recipes.

3. Chefs in the Making:  Research recipes online, at the bookstore, or in your family recipes. Let your child combine some of their favorite foods like cheese sauces. As their pallet develops you can go less on the cheese for healthier alternatives. Let them do the cooking and presentation. You can be their assistant and take their orders.  (Guess what, Mommy and Daddy get to pick up the dishes since they cooked. They’ll love the reverse roles.)

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4. Get artistic:  Appeal to their eyes and imagination by presenting the vegetables in a fun way.  Here are some ides.

5. Sneak them in: (but confess shortly after so they know vegetables can taste good!). Puree slightly steamed vegetables and sneak them into a smoothie, soups, sauces and more. Ask how they like it and once they give you the thumbs up tell them your secret ingredient and let them puree and create next time.

6. Create a Recipe Book: Keep track of the meals and recipes that worked best and have your child help create a family recipe book. Take photographs and let your kid get creative! We found a great example here.

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